see HeHeHa

HeHeHa are Levers to help you - Do better at Work!

HeHeHa is also a simple language to talk about these things easily.

HeHeHa is Head, Heart, Hands. Head to Think. Heart to Feel. Hands for Doing. (see map below please).

For the pain point you want to address - Begin by finding out where you want to focus first, on this larger map.

Identify a Lever. Then start working on it!

One clarification - Levers are the ones you can do something with. They have doable actions. Indicators - on the other hand - are harder to do something specifically with, but are great for identifying whether stuff is happening or not.

Think of the Levers as the accelerator and brakes of a car. You can change the speed with them. The Indicator is like the speedometer. You can figure out how fast you are going - and if your indicator is Google Maps, then also, how far away you are from your destination :)

Usually you also have choices too on each Lever to -
  • seek conceptual inputs. Read Books. 
  • seek best practices. Check on Reddit or Quora. See youtube Videos.
  • find experts to speak to. This could even be a successful friend next door. Or talk to us.
  • carry out activities and experiments to know more, do more, test more.
At work, people are in different roles. Some are
  • individual contributors 
  • some manage others.
They could be
  • Doers - experts, resource persons, specialists
  • Drivers - project manager, program managers
  • Enablers - manager of managers, support staff 

These levers will change accordingly for different roles, but the broad use of each remains the same. You will know, when you get into the details.

Have Fun!