Support folks - you could be facilitating a Team Building session and gaining 'power'!

Our team was going through a crisis.

We would get on the phone with the customer and he would shout at us. Sometimes so loudly that we thought we could hear him without the phone, all way from Germany.

We had made tall promises without fully scoping the project in a bleeding new technology and were paying the price now.

He had taken to micro-managing us because they had made their own commitments up the chain. This left us with no elbow room.

Get the picture?

I went and cried on my bosses shoulder and he listened. That he knew how! But the best he could suggest was as solution was a 'team building session' by corporate HR.

No we did not need song and dance. We needed to stop the bleeding.

That was the time I realized, that if you just got the people into a room and let them talk, while you facilitated them, it was turn-around magic!

More importantly - I realized that someone from the team who has the context, is the best bet, for cutting out the BS and arriving at a plan of doable actions!

This is a video that speaks to this message -

if  You are in support, check out this book by Jay Vogt, for a hands-on approach to doing a team building session for your team, even if you are new to the facilitation ropes.

By helping the team this way, you immediately put yourself in a position of influence in the team and first-hand understand what needs to be done by whom. You can then kiss your helplessness goodbye! (Yes I know first hand how easy it is to feel helpless and unappreciated, when you are in a support role)

We could talk more about your plans, if you are sitting on the fence, about taking this bull by the horns!