Get over the pre-occupation with the Self

Once upon a time, when I did not know myself so well, I used to worry about how talented I was. Most of my concerns would come from, 'how can I make best use of myself'?

This made me feel good about myself, because here I was, the noble seeker, who was looking to offer himself for 'best use'.

I realised over time, this was a self defeating tactic.

Pre-occupation with myself would keep me focussed away from the customer and from problem solving. I would instead be thinking about serving the customer and I would be thinking about solving the problem.

Which as we all know, is very different from actually serving the customer. Which as we all know, is very different from solving a problem.

I would say, the only reliable way to stay focused is to think beyond yourself, from day 1.
  • I am serving this customer
  • I am solving this problem
Take your pick and place your tick - on either or both. But if you don't, then the fire won't !