Consciously turn off the imagination button, when required

This was inspired from a TED talk by Dan Gilbert - the happiness expert. He talks about what makes us unhappy and comes up with some startling conclusions.

Did you know that  for almost any disastrous event in our life - going to jail, business going bankrupt,  loss of a loved one etc. - the unhappiness goes away in less than 3 months.

We may still be in jail, still broke and still without love. But empirical data shows, happiness reverts back to original levels.

Unless! Unless we keep our loss alive in our imagination by revisiting it. Perhaps again and again.

But first the comic -

Who needs to learn from this?

All of us who have many many choices. All of us, who have well developed, fully evolved, pre-frontal cortex s.

We can inadvertently make ourselves unhappy, if we don't consciously turn off our 'imagination' button, when it is not required.