Shivaratri introspection

Yesterday was Shivratri. I went to Madanapalle and sat by the fire for a few hours. This is what the dhuni taught me :)
What the fire taught
yesterday was Shivaratri
went to Madanapalle and sat by the 'dhuni' for a few hours ..
the wood that does not burn now, burns a little later - often better and longer, than what you had intended
there is hope for me :)
if it is in the fire, it will burn for sure. in fact a stick that is used to nudge another one into fire, is also similarly fated
what assurance
a useful fire, takes atleast 5-6 sticks burning at the same time, to sustain
new sticks are coming in all the time
different sticks are at different stages of catching fire
there is no such thing, as a better stick or a smarter stick
you can always use too much fuel
grace and ease is in just enough
sufficient heat
sufficient stillness
lasts long!
all burning is one-way
once burnt, stays burnt
fun is in the fire. not in the ashes later