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An easy way to get started with Action Learning is to first explore with an offsite.

 Here are some theme ideas for offsites, to help you get started -

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See Situation
  • Everyone is only interested in looking good individually
  • Our meetings are ineffective. A waste of time.
  • We were supposed to be a cross-functional team. Alas!

Make Meaning

  • Motivation is low. People feel helpless - and give up
  • Ownership is missing
  • Customers and stakeholders fail to see team's accomplishments

Action Learning

  • There is lots of talk. But no action. Every body is busy. Doing meaningless things
  • Skills to do the job really well, are missing
  • Collaboration within the team is low

Reach to Results

  • Roles are mixed up
  • Milestones are mixed up
  • Collaboration with the external world is low


  • Manager is new. Quick assimilation is key
  • Opportunity is new. A fresh vision needs to be drawn up
  • Nothing has changed in a long time. It is so boring and unexciting