Manager no more

Up to 2008, I was a manager. My success depended on getting a team result.

It paid well. On a personal level, it did not make me happy.

My own job was that of a glorified clerk. See to about 150 emails every day. Give permissions. Request resources and Chase the defaulters.

This was pretty much what I did!

I got selfish. I wanted to feel at the end of the day, I had done something useful.

I thought i can be a facilitator.

The original premise of a facilitator is someone who provides the process at the table, while the participants bring in the content.

Having been a manager, I realised, that there is more to being a facilitator, than being a neutral umpire. People need nudge. People need nurture.

No one provides Nudge and Nurture on a normal work day.  Or on any work day!

I figured, I can be a facilitator, who also provides nudge and nurture.

Today I am not a manager anymore. Not in the conventional sense. I try to make myself useful as a facilitator.

It is fun.

I do not make much money. Not as much as I would have, as a manager. I do not have one tenth the clout. I spend a fair amount of time chasing payments. But it is still worth it.

On days that I am facilitating, i know by 5 PM, if I did a good enough job for the day.

On days, when I am not facilitating, if I am too tired in the evening from all the reading, that I don't want to watch anything more intellectual than 'Two and a half men', then i again know, it has been a day well spent.

I am a manager no more.