Are training programs of any use?

Knowledge transfer can happen on a pdf document, a powerpoint presentation or a youtube video. You don’t need a training program for that.

Skills come from practise. Awareness on what needs to be done to build a skill is Knowledge transfer only. Rest is practise over a period of time. That does not happen in a training program. From time to time, some motivation is needed to stay on track for the skill. The motivation also does not happen in a training program.

Attitudes do not come from listening to inspired talks. They are shaped by our own beliefs and assumptions. When was the last time a training program was able to change your belief or assumption? We continue to behave the same predictable way, year after year. Great evidence that our intellectual virginity is intact!

You could argue that training programs go beyond learning. They serve a useful organisational purpose.

They tell us -

  • The ball is now in your court buddy. If you screw up, it was not our fault!
  • Look, there are others like you too. They managed. You should too!
  • Now you know, what you don’t know. So shut up and do as you are told!

The question is, ‘Are training programs of any use?’
My own view is that 
  • Stand and Tell variants of trainings should get replaced by Sit and Watch variants of interestingly made videos. That is the reason, why I have been teaching myself to make digital content. See 'I made this' if curious :)
  • Experiential trainings work, if the debrief is solid and well contextualised.
  • Action Learning works well, when the ownership of learning has to be transferred to the learner's themselves. In the beginning the learners may not be ready for this ownership and may find AL unsettling for this reason