How does one 'Make Meaning' and find personal motivation?

How does one 'Make Meaning' and find personal motivation?

The first step in making meaning, is personal motivation!

Especially if
  • Motivation levels are running low
  • People complain. Or feel helpless - And give up
  • Ownership is missing

To address the motivation concerns of knowledge workers and those who do 'heuristic jobs' - i find Daniel Pink's work powerful. Check out this video of his or this one too.

Have you heard of Adversity Quotient? When I was in HP, my HR colleague Ravi had found about the folks from Peak Learning. AQ is neat, if you have many helpless people onboard, who are on the verge of giving up!

The essential idea is that a team is able to make meaning for itself as a team, only AFTER the individuals have begun to look at and acknowledge their own individual motivation

  • Step 1 - Make meaning personally
  • Step 2 - Make meaning as a team - internally

I used to do a review for intact teams called, PONDER. The full form for which was, 'Project OwNership DEvelopment  Review'. The essential idea for it was to help a team find ownership for itself as a team.

Post this, the team can plan on doing some show & tell to the outside world to position themselves appropriately and manage expectations upfront.

  • Step 3 - Make meaning as a team - externally

It is very possible to base an  offsite on these constructs, if you are interested.