Delegating something is a choice. What is not delegating something?

Do you know how to cut your connections, when what you hear is demotivating?

If past sins are holding you back, what will it take to move on?

If you measure too hard, results can slip away from between the fingers. Right?

The green android

Books waiting to be written

Do you see your workplace, as a farm or as a hunting ground?

How important is it for a leader to sell and tach the big picture to her team?

What does it take to get into the driver's seat for my own learning?

Is your challenge in time management, one of switching between tasks?

What do you do, when your motivation runs out towards the middle of the week?

What is a good 1st step, to getting the fire in the belly, back?

Don't you think, without purpose, life becomes meaningless?

Will you strive to find your purpose or wait for fate to intervene?

Purpose can not be about you and your own self

Given that a resume is about hat you have done upto now - how do you state what you want to do next?

Naani Yaad

A 100 day recipe for Team Building