Who repairs things these days?

Remember an ancient era when
  • spectacles, if broken, could be repaired
  • transistors and radios, if broken, could be repaired
  • trousers and coats, if torn, could be repaired
  • pens, books, cane chairs, shoes were all repaired, when the need arose. A friend - in campus interviews - claimed that his hobby was 'book binding' and impressed the codgers from DCM
  • if Cell phones, DVD Players, Washing Machines or LCD TVs would have been around - they would have been repaired too. Unless ofcourse their manufacturers had designed them in such a way, that they should NOT be repaired (That is a separate post).
In the last 20 years, repair has become unfashionable. It suits manufacturers to encourage throwing, because they can then sell more. Brand is fashionable. Reuse is not.

One of the best ways of fighting overt consumerism and 'planned obsolesence' is to repair things, when they can be repaired. And in addition - To find new owners for repaired goods if need be.

The thought here is to revive the notion of repair. Either as a vocation or as a hobby.

Making needed parts and needed new owners available along with way, if required.

What do you say?