Creating collaborative Content

I see this as a 3 step process

Step 1 - Establish the context
Step 2 - Do the research
Step 3 - Put the content together

So let us start with (the mindmap images look small and cramped, but if you click on them individually, it opens up to a crisper full screen image)

The research activity is in two parts
One - research the content.

Two, explore the possibilities and limits, of the pedagogic tools available.

We assume that the collaborative learning content would comprise of a slide deck and instruction notes. Other activities are embedded in the slide deck. And by now the slide deck and instruction notes are begging to be put into place :).

If for no other reason, then for the fact that we've waited so long to get to this. Compare this to the normal impulse of starting right here, at this step.

And hopefully, we are all done!

Comments? Feedback?


  1. Brij - the process for creating collaborative content using mind(concept) map is very illuminating. Thank you.


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