The new perimeter of social interaction

This is the sony mylo @ $350 street.

A walking port into the internet, the moment you are in WiFi range. You could skype (make free phone calls anywhere in the world) or use the instant messenger (a thumb pad pulls out).

You could in the same instant also connect the cool people at the next table (if they let you) as well as to anyone in the big bad internet.

Thus begins social interaction of a new type. A simultaneous presence of two types. The regular face to face and at the same time all that you earlier did from your PC.

Imagine swapping photos, music or videos as you interact. Would it be like being able to shoot with a gun rather than only punch?

Imagine connecting to linkedIn or Orkut as you chat. Would it be like having ground support as you swoop in for the kill?

The haves would have the advantage. So much so, that the have-nots would find in unacceptable. The new perimeter would be based on having one.

Like all things technology, it would have the potential to make lots of difference, both good and bad.


Here are some additional possiblities

  • internet radio, that shapes its content based on the gathering it is being listened in

  • meeting new people in the marketplace, but not as strangers

  • negotiating better deals in the marketplace

It would also be a device to reach out to learners with. Learners who not only consume content but create their own - both at the same time!

How would learning thus change?

(Check out for mylo)