How to herd a bunch of cats to create a training company...

I am interested in exploring how a large training company can be built
by a 'federated, loosely-coupled, association-of-trainers' kind of

Here are my thoughts in random order

1. Needs to be face-to-face trainings and then some more. Leverage
digital content, online facilitation.

2. The concept of trainer can be decoupled into content provider and
delivery maker. Strictly speaking, there would be the subject matter
expert, the content creator and the delivery maker. Today all 3 are
usually the same person.

3. Delivery makers would rely on facilitation, rather than only 'tell'

4. Online facilitation can be an india hub, given the country's
call-center track record.

5. Content providers (SME and content creators) would need to be best in
class. What will 'attract' such 'cats' to come together? Is THIS the

6. I am thinking that it is! Delivery and Learning Management activities
(tracking enrolment, participation, progress etc.) are
easy-to-hire-and-get-done tasks.

7. Let us take a test case:

xxx is a content expert, who is dabbling in delivery of what he
believes in (one major content thread, support org is already in place).
Let us assume (:)), he sees value in additional loosely coupled

yyy is a content expert, who is instead doing a job, but wondering how
she can get back to doing what she loves, without sacrificing her
risk/cash inflow preferences too hard. Let us say, she takes the plunge
in creating this training company.

There may be many others who can take an year off for a sabbatical (away
from the job) or come to india for an year (a univ prof in harvard say,
if the cause has social relevance?).

How can these folks find a way to work together without sacrificing
their independence/ other long term interests?

IMO, if this question can be answered well, then we have on our hands
the possibility of creating a signficant training (may go beyond to -
Learning? Talent tranformation? Org transformation?) organization.

Today's training/ management consulting organizations are either captive
(training function in an org) or small scale. I.e. there is an empty
space, waiting to be capitalized on a large scale (my opinion)

Also none of them are focussed on an india context. Again, I may be very

Does the answer lie in emulating a kibbutz? -- for the come together of
the cats!

Does the answer lie in making a social cause pivotal? -- for the come
together of the cats!

Is loose coupling better than tight coupling?