clear articulation of values helps clarify that you care

People want to know how much you care before they care how much you know. --James F. Hind

Below is what consutancy works has to say about their values. It is quiet clear that they have invested effort in arriving at what matters and this is NOT paperware. I would trust such a healer much more.

I thought I will evaluate each of my engagements with this simple checklist, that helps me to make sure that I served with my values intact

  • was I honest and transparent?

  • was I constructive and nurturing?

  • was there learning?

  • was there fun?

  • did I add value?

  • did I do the best I could?

The list from consultancy works values reads:

Integrity. We will:

  • be honest,

  • be straight,

  • be transparent,

  • do what we say we will do by the time and in the manner in which we have said we will do it. (When we can’t, we’ll accept responsibility and say so as soon as we are aware of it.),

  • engender a bond of trust with all our business partners.

Generosity. We will:

  • create a nurturing environment both for our consultants and for our clients,

  • selflessly act in the interest of our clients,

  • try to give more than we receive,

  • share learning with one another and what might be done differently, both amongst our clients and amongst ourselves,

  • endeavour to transfer our skills and experience to our clients,

  • will be open to allowing other people to be a contribution to us,

  • help to develop younger and/or less experienced consultants,

  • be ready to laugh and to forgive,

  • aim to help the client become independent in the shortest practical time,

  • be a contribution to others in all we do.

Grounded. We will:

  • base our work on established best-practice theories and techniques,

  • use consultants on assignments who have adequate, appropriate experience for the challenge on hand,

  • emphasise Continuing Personal Development for all our people,

  • provide systematic supervision and support for consultants,

  • build on practical examples and experiences: make sure that proposed solutions are workable in the specific context,

  • ask for support as soon as we feel we need it.