Skiing between the trees

Rick Steffens who heads the SAN business in HP was in Bangalore last week. Admist the bustle of reviews and opportunity discussions, we found the time to go to Nrityagram and spend a quiet evening out.

As we stood by the campfire, sipping beer, Rick warmed up to his enthusiasm for skiing and how he was getting his children to learn the fine points as well.

The interesting thing - according to him - as you ski down the slopes is to be able to dodge between the trees, on your way down. It is much less fun, to be abruptly stopped by a tree.

Most beginners make the mistake of focussing on the trees. They focus on the tree itself - as they try to avoid an oncoming one, on their way downhill.

Almost always in such cases, you end up making friends with the tree. The trick is to focus on the empty spaces between the trees and on what lies ahead.

If you look at the trees. If you focus on the trees. You will reach the trees. You will hit the trees. If you look at the spaces between. If you focus on the spaces between. You will go past. You will go forward.

skiToday morning, I got the chance to speak to 50 or so youngsters, in the 3rd year of their computer engineering degree. Eager faces, looking with expectation, at what the 'industry' had to say. After I had huffed and puffed for nearly an hour, I forgave them and let them ask me questions.

The question that seemed to matter most to atleast a few of them was, 'What about the (job) interview?'

Yes? What about the job interview? That is the tree that you have to dodge past. Look for what lies ahead and beyond and you will certainly go forward. Get struck on the interview and that is where you will crash.

All the best my dear friends!