There is noW such a thing as a free lunch...

I am wondering if there is market for making and serving free lunches?

Conventional wisdom has it that there is no such things as free lunch. Yet saints have always talked about langars and bhandaras. Feeding a hungry person is a pious act.

Conventional wisdom has it that it is better to teach to fish rather than give a fish. Yet the community kitchen has always fed first and asked later, if at all!


Today's conventional wisdom is all from the head. If it is not logical, if it does not make (business) sense, if it it does not answer, 'whats in it for me? ' -- It probably is not worth doing at all.

Check out the heheha building blocks and you will find that in many cases the heart is missing; the heart is weak.

Perhaps that is why, so many of us wonder how we can add passion to our work?

The answer lies in learning to use the heart. Learning to use by doing something with the heart. Perhaps there is method in organizing community lunches and feeding those who are hungry. For that matter, if it is a heart thing, perhaps there is method in feeding first and then considering the pros and cons.


So here is the do&learn idea. If you are looking to add more passion and meaning to your life, perhaps you need to slow down and do something for others from the heart. If you want to organize community meals, you could - for example - volunteer to feed young children at the railway station for a month. You could involve in making and distributing packed lunches to a school for a month. You could investigate how food technology can help in preserving food so that it keeps over time (do you know what is sattu?)

What do you say?

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