Jungle Lessons for Tough Times (Reach of a Rabbit)

Has relevance to: Managing my pressures! (FT102); Dealing with personal setbacks (FZ101);


… what does the rabbit do?
… what are the desired behaviors?
… what are some quick-fixes (band-aids) to get started on the do&learn?
… what are some do&learn ideas to implement over time?

what does the rabbit do?

Reach of a Rabbit

  • is a successful animal. Bugs Bunny epitomizes it with, 'Whats up Doc?'. The question that chases new information, new contacts and new adventures :) - and enlarges reach!

  • on land - and below - has terrific reach.

  • in contemporary times, is reputed to have a fast mind & keen sense of humor (see this story for - yet more reach!)

What are the desired behaviors?

  • you are able to generate several options  to your challenge.

  • you believe, 'there is something you can influence for the better, when difficulties arise!'

  • you can reach out to past experience, people, places, things - in response to your adversity

what are some band-aids to get started on the do&learn?

  • speak about your problem with an intention to do something about it (rather than moaning) - to someone who will later hold you upto your commitment.

  • regarding your current challenge - make a list of  things over which you exert absolutely no influence. then review the list! :) - to see if you do exert some influence and know that item off the list

  • throw your hat over the fence! - make a commitment that you 'will do something a little above your limit' and then figure out, because you have no other option left! [When Abraham Lincoln was a youngster, oftentimes - running across fields with friends - they would come acros a farm fence, a little too high to safely cross. Abraham would simply throw his hat to the other side, thus making it necessary to go over. The rest was details!]

what are some do&learn ideas to implement over time?

In tough times ... be SCARED!

  • foster creativity - look at alternatives from multiple perspectives (de Bono's work/ books are a great starting point!)

  • reach out to others, making a synergistic network (be prepared to give something, before you being to get something!). Have you looked at the Ryze network on the net?

  • make a habbit to read magazines, journals, lists etc. - relevant to your profession. And then contribute some!

In tough times ... be SCARED!

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