Jungle Lessons for Tough Times (Evidence gathering of an Eagle)

Has relevance to: Managing my pressures! (FT102); Dealing with personal setbacks (FZ101);


… what does the eagle do?
… what are the desired behaviors?
… what are some quick-fixes (band-aids) to get started on the do&learn?
… what are some do&learn ideas to implement over time?

what does the eagle do?

Evidence gathering of an Eagle

  • is a successful animal - is the national symbol of the most successful country in the planet!

  • is able to see the big picture and the details simultaneously

what are the desired behaviors?

  • you strive to separate fact from fiction - and are able to do so! (this clears the way for thoughtful action)

  • you are able to eliminate your disabling assumptions about the tough situation (many of our fears are imagined and unreal)

what are some band-aids to get started on the do&learn?

  • write down your worst-case scenario and spend time answering for each point, 'what evidence supports it?'

  • think like a lawyer and ask questions such as: 'what evidence is there that it has to turn out this way?', 'what evidence is there that this assumption has come true?', 'what evidence is there that what is being said, is true?'

  • if you suspect you are being less than objective, compare notes with someone whose objectivity you trust (a mentor? perhaps! :))

  • practise expressing your problem (and analysis) in a formal 'written analysis and communication [aka wac] format'. one such format looks at: a. problem statement, b. objectives, c. criteria, d. alternatives, e. evaluation, f. action plan, g. contingency plan (thanks iimA! ;))

some do&learn ideas to implement over time?

In tough times ... be SCARED!

  • build capability in yourself to express problems and analysis in more than one ways. usually a different way of expressing, results in different interpretation. multiple interpretations lead to greater objectivity. some ways of expression are: writing it down, talking about it, debating it, drawing it visually, making a mind map, only asking questions around it, etc.

  • build a network of peers amongst whom you can take turns being objective. surgeons do not operate on their own loved ones (objectivity suffers) but that does not mean that the loved ones of surgeons can not have operations! :) (when needed!)

In tough times ... be SCARED!

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