Solving the traffic problem

Can you picture solving the traffic problem with technology and management savvy? Well, here is an idea that might work!

Picture this first:
1. You are driving rashly because you do need to reach the movie in time. No problemo - everyone else does it too! You cut across an old couple in a Maruti 800 and think no more about it.

2. The old lady however purses her lips in a determined grimace. She whips out her cell phone and sends a sms to 223227 ('badcar') with your car registration number, say 'KA03M 420'. She could as easily have phoned in with number or sent an email, but - contrary to popular notion - even older folks use sms :)

3. Congratulations! Your car-number is now part of an offender database and you've earned yourself 'suspect status'. This does not matter so much just now because we all have our bad days and someone may just be putting you in the list because she does not like you ;)

4. You - however - are a busy person and unlike the slow morons who wait patiently wait in the long traffic lines, you sometimes overtake by getting into the lane for the opposite direction traffic (at this stage, please have good imagination and do not ask, 'what lane?' :)). Unfortunately, this earns you some more disaster sms'es and you end up moving into 'likely offender' status with 5 such sms'es - all received from different numbers.

You wonder, 'What is the big deal? How does it hurt me, if my name is in the likely offender list and for that matter in the confirmed offender list. But here are some different ways, this website could grow some teeth:

* next time you park at the forum mall, parking lot, a group of 3 volunteers, armed with a PDA, put 'sadie face' stickers on your car windshield. The number of sadie faces equalling your offence score. Someone else could ask your for a 'donation' to exit the parking lot, based again on the offence score. Say Rs. 50/- per sadie face sticker :(

* your friendly neighborhood cop, catches you and checks your number on the friendly simputer (or palm) containing a database of confirmed offenders. His leniency factor takes a dip if you are in the confirmed offender list.

* your insurance premium changes based on your offence score.

* your company runs a traffic drive and after providing the numbers of all the vehicles used by its staff, gets a report on the offenders if any. It can then come up with motivators and demotivators.

* If you were interested, thet first thing to ensure would be the sustainability model. There are many loopholes in the idea above and they would need to be fixed, before it would work.
* If you were a geek, you could help conceptualize and build this website.
* If you were a mba, with a social conscience (does this exist? ;)) - your continuing involvement in the concept would be to ensure that it is fun, it is user friendly, it is fair and it sustains.
* If you were an engineer, you might want to explore the pda connection or how the offence status can be signalled back to a cop using sms itself.
* If you were an animator, this would require popularizing with 15 second tv commercials in the local channel. Want to try?