Mind has to be calm

has relevance to: Managing my pressures! (FT102); Dealing with personal setbacks (FZ101);

my wise friend senthil, counselled - excerpting from the Gita

My wise friend Senthil had counselled - after excerpting from the Gita - that Mind has to be calm (and) not worried about the results your actions will fetch.

The story of Sheikh Chilli came to my mind. One day, as Sheikh Chilli was playing on the road, he came across an egg.

Picking it up, he immediately sat down under a tree and thought ...

Mind should not be worried about the results your actions will fetch

Then success is sure to follow

Alas, his find had brought sadness to him. For Sheikh Chilli was happy and carefree no more. With his mind he had created the possibilities and unbridled, the same mind had then gone into thinking about the possibilities and the results.

Senthil wrote to me in an email, "Mind has to be calm, not worried about results your actions will fetch. If you do all the above for every situation you face, you are a pure Sanyasi and pure devotee of God. For such a devotee, material/ money prospects come on their own and they need not worry."