Enabling practise for spoken english

There are many nurses, drivers and teachers who can easily find employment abroad with their skills, only if they spoke better english. Many rural youth would qualify for BPO jobs, only if their spoken english was better.

Practise makes perfect. Internet can provide the perfect opportunity to practise, irrespective of where you may be located.

Picture this scenario:

1. I want to practise speaking english and improve. I go to a website (say) makemyenglishbetter.com :)

2. On this website - based on the preferences I give - I combine into a group of 5 other aspiring english speakers and we are assigned a tutor who will work with us between 3:00 and 4:00 PM, India standard time, on wednesday, saturday and sunday (say).

3. We log into yahoo or msn messenger and using voice-chat and whiteboarding, practise the conversation and lessons. We realize that our tutor is a housewife with a growing toddler, but she loves doing this and this allows her to make some money as well. We realize that other tutors are retired army colonels and even ex employees of BPO outfits moonshing during daytime. The consistent quality of tutors, makes us wonder how they are certified and groomed?

4. Pretty soon our english begins to improve but one thing we continue to do. On the website makemyenglishbetter.com - we leave feedback for our colleagues and tutor on how good they are.

5. When we are sufficiently in the flow ;), this website also helps us find a suitable job opportunity.

* If you were a geek, you could help conceptualize and build this website.
* If you were a mba, you could involve in sharpening the business model, in the requirements stage and also in bringing together the tutor system.
* Animators - this idea would need to be sold, perhaps by airing a 30 second documentary in TV channels. Do you want to go for it?
* If you spoke good english - and wanted to polish it some more or simply wanted to give or simply wanted to make some more pocket money - you could help pilot the tutor system