zing singh - the next global fast food chain?

Take the humble Stuffed Paratha (a.k.a. Parota, Parotha, Roll). All that comes to mind is mothers cooking and home made food. Maybe also the jaunts out of the hostel in the middle of the night during exam times, so satisfy the growls of a hungry stomach.

Now think fast food. Junk food from all round the world. Noodles, Pizza, Burgers. Even burritos. But not Parathas!

Don't you think that the Paratha is yet to find its rightful place of pride in the culinary globe. Imagine the variants possible:

1. roomali roti with greens and pudina chutney - no fat, high fibre, high protein - for the diet conscious
2. chicken tikkas, rolled into into a lachha kulcha - for the beer drinker (kingfisher of course :))
3. good old aloo kaa paratha and for that matter gobhi paratha, mooli paratha, keema paratha ... right up to 'you name it, we stuff it' paratha.

Cooked the regular way or the tandoori way or steamed or simmered ...

Now wear your MBA hat. How about coming up with a marketing strategy to give Parotha its due glory --
.. in the indian workplace at lunch hour
.. for the commuter who picks it up to eat anytime - a breakfast substitute? a dinner substitute?
.. for the special needs consumer .. calorie conscious, .. hygiene conscious, .. eat fresh only, .. eat veggies only
.. maybe as an adventure food - for the do-it-yourself barbecuer, picknicker, trekker

try tying it to production strategy --
.. for the small scale entrepreneur - targeting the money-wallah guy (and gal) in the 2 categories above
.. for the exporter - targeting the asian lunch eater, the asian commuter, the asian bachelor

or how about replacing Parotha with some other typically indian popular food?
.. Paan
.. Gur Chikki
.. Puffed Grains
.. Pickles & Chutneys
.. 'sattu'
.. idli/ vada/ dosa
.. dhokala

PS: If you are interested in forming a group with like 4-5 other like minded folks who will like to learn by doing this, do mention your interest and contact id in the comment below. You can also add to or critique the idea or raise questions and seek clarifications, using the comments. If this can create employment for the middle class housewife, it will be great!