Tsunami Early Detection Device

With a little help from some colleagues in the industry, perhaps you can design and implement early warning system for Tsunami. Atleast you won't have to bear the humiliation of our Science & Technology Minister saying post disaster - we will be getting these systems! (how I wish, he had said, we will be building these systems. With Dr. Kalam as President of the country, how could he not?)

Picture a microprocessor based system, driven perhaps by tidal energy, using accelrometers to sense tilt and violent rocking.

Get fancy and you could be connecting several such buoys as motes.

What other natural disasters can be sensed similarly? They say animals have a 6th sense. How about sensing panic in a group of animals and if a lot of them are panicking at the same time, use it as some form of early warning?

PS: If you are interested in forming a group with 4-5 other like minded folks who will also prefer to learn by doing this, do mention your interest and contact id in the comment below. You can also add to or critique the idea or raise questions and seek clarifications, using the comments.