how we (from the IT industry) can help rehabilitate those affected by tsunami and other disasters

Here are some ideas around how we can improve the systems around ourselves and our participation in them to better cope with disasters. The emphasis is on those things which we (from the IT industry and similar backgrounds) can do.

Create 911 equivalent systems to address crisis situations anytime later also.

Create (online?) tutorials/ trainer network for skills that are required at any crisis time i.e. CPR, handling death, sanitation.

Create incentives & easy to get involved systems for volunteers of immediate relief (after disasters) - many of us shy away from getting actually involved because either we don’t know how or we are scared for ourselves.

Create monitoring system to ensure that the grievances of those who are being given relief are heard & redressed.

Create information packets (what is the disaster, how best to identify, to cope, to minimize impact etc.) for likely disasters that may strike us in future (terrorist violence/ bomb blast/ communal violence/ viral outbreak/train accident/air accident/ natural calamity). Work to keep these available / updated.

Setup management group (systems + volunteers) for relief / assistance infrastructure / control room using program management as basis. IT industry does have significant capability in project and program management.

Create digital (tv/ radio/ computer content) giving solace/ counselling to those affected from our scriptures or for using technology/ processes/ best practises for organizing/ self help, especially around crises times (today media is largely bimodal under all situations. Mode 1 - either crime, disaster and sex souped up as news or Mode 2 - contorted soaps/ sexy songs passing as role models for living).

For that matter why not also celebrate those who are volunteering as heroes. God knows, we need many more heroes (and heroines!)

Sponsor college projects to design and implement early warning systems (example: a microprocessor based, weather proof system, driven by tidal energy, using accelrometers to sense tilt and violent rocking, connected as motes - does not require to be ‘imported’. I found kapil sibal’s response on tv that we will be ‘getting’ these archaic and insulting )

Borrowing from how israel handled resettlement after the holocaust using kibbutz - Our own comparable social structure is ‘joint family’. I am wondering that while children may need parents, adults may need children and elders may need families too. The question is ‘who will’ help create these structures, if they are worth implementing. It has to be someone who has a continuing stake. Why not work at creating Social Entrepreneurs around a particular vocation (basis of knitting together for continuing stake has to be economic activity) and sponsor the creation of a ‘joint family’ around that vocation - also involving people like us who can go and spend time/ energy - as extended joint family.