Build an Emergency Response System

Build a system reachable by Web/Email/Phone/SMS whenever someone faces a disaster situation. In the US, this is the famous 911 system.

MBAs - What would it take in the real world (say - of a typical indian city or a typical indian town or a typical indian railway station) to enable this? Who would 'man' these systems on an ongoing basis? What would make it sustainable?

Programmers - What open source technologies can be leveraged? How would you respond to the wild ideas of the MBAs on what can be done, what can not be done? What are your own wild ideas?

Perhaps you need to collaborate with learners from other professions too? Engineers, Social Workers, Public servants?

PS: If you are interested in forming a group with 4-5 other like minded folks who will like to learn by doing this, do mention your interest and contact id in the comment below. You can also add to or critique the idea or raise questions and seek clarifications, using the comments.