Take Ownership of your Ability, Passion and Health

Attend our 1-day Workshops - Ability, Passion and Health

Ability @work Workshop is for you, if -

  • You need to work on your Appraisal Feedback, but can not find focus and time.
  • You are due for a promotion or job-change, and need to land on your feet running
  • You need the new skills, but there are no formal training programs to take

Ability @work will help you find and fix, the work habits of your highest impact. These are related to Head, Heart, Hands -

  • From Head - Learn something, Interact better or Plan effectively. 'Learn Something' is a vast field of opportunities. For doers it could be functional skills. For new Managers - managing people, relations and outcomes.
  • From Heart - Connect to people, Care for a cause, Persist in actions or address own Motivation.
  • From Hands - Act, Get Things done or Collaborate.

Passion @work Workshop is for you, if -

  • You are in a support function and feel unappreciated, unrecognised
  • You sabotage yourself from time to time and continue to have unrealised potential
  • Your alignment and engagement to larger goals has reduced
  • You are feeling bored and demotivated

Passion @work will help you find and fix, whatever habits prevent you from taking Ownership of your abilities, passion and health.

Health @life Workshop is for you if -

  • Your recent lab results are less than satisfactory and you are reluctant to start medications
  • You suffer from chronic stress, obesity or insomnia
  • Your eating, drinking or exercise habits leave much to be desired

Health @life will help you find and fix life habits of your highest impact. These are related to Head, Heart and Hands -

  • From Head - Mindfulness, Visualization, Affirmations, Yoga Nidra, Nutrition Choices
  • From Heart - Prayer, Meditation, Heartfulness, Gratitude journal
  • From Hands - Walking, Exercise, Energization, Intermittent Fasting, Service to others

On this website, you will find help on how to find the habit of highest impact for you and how to persist and form the habit you want, over 100 days.

This site is work-in-progress and we ask you to interact with us. It will shape the website and we will learn about what to specifically address, for others in situations similar to yours.