Think and Learn - 1 day workshop for Teams

Teams Think and Learn better, when they generate their insights together and then act together on it, right away. 

This is a one day workshop, in which teams do both, around a topic of their choice, which they want to think and learn about. This is in addition to acquiring conceptual insights on 'how to think' and 'how to learn', even better - and then applying the concepts.

Big Picture

The focus for Think and Learn day workshop is 'Head' and 'For our team'.

When to 'Think and Learn'?

This is useful when the team wants to build a conceptual understanding of any of these - 
  • Large amount of information coming in from the customer
  • Rapidly gaining exposure to a new domain
  • Adoption of few related concepts or a framework

Why to 'Think and Learn' as a planned event?

Adults learn best when 
  • reflection and action are combined together
  • explaining things to others clarifies one's own understanding
  • working with others engages ears and mouth also in the learning in addition to the eyes
  • they are able to put the learning into context, on how it applies to them. Even more importantly - how it does not apply to them (because we all live in an information over-loaded world).
  • they are having fun :)

Why to 'Think and Learn' as a Team?

  • When a team learns together, it evolves shared norms and a common language around adopting the new learning.
  • When a team learns together it is easily able to sift out grain from the chaff. This is because there are multiple 'eyeballs' looking at what works, what is relevant and what is not.
  • Traditionally learning arrives into a team by diffusion. First, a few experts go attend a training program or do a knowledge capture somewhere. Then they share it with others, usually on a need-to basis. Unfortunately, they end up doing this several times and this hurts even more because these experts are same ones who are the busiest in the team. Why not do this only once and do this well? And in a way in which everyone gets to be a teacher and a taught!

What Conceptual Inputs does the team pick up around Learning and Thinking?