My Services

I am looking to be a part of your Talent Transformation Team. I have deep skills in Facilitation and Digital Content creation - in addition to a full professional life of Managerial Expertise.

My work area is HeHeHa. Short for - Head, Heart and Hands.
In these work areas, with Facilitation, I offer -
  • Co-designed Interventions
  • Offsite Retreats
  • Day Workshops
  • Half day Trainings, and
  • Coffee Talks in 60 minutes
So we could do a co-designed intervention in problem solving. Or an offsite retreat for business interaction skills. This is as easy a day workshop in Team Building or a half day training on how to motivate others. You can play with all the permutations, as you wish.

A special mention to Action Learning and Personal Change. These are amongst my favourite transformation methodologies, as I have seen great results with them.

To jump start our relationship - ask me for a complimentary coffee talk - on any one of these areas.

With Digital Content, I offer
Digital content is a great multiplier for the Facilitation work that we do. A Facilitated learning situation continues into the workplace, with digital content and online interactions.

Please note that I am a happy traveller :)