Interact and Ask - 1 day workshop for Teams

This is a one day workshop for teams with two ideas. One - to hone their interaction skills and ability to ask questions. Two - Understand the customer better. They build on each other, using the Focus groups process.

To understand the customer better, the team starts with a shared understanding of the customer by interacting with each other in focus groups and asking questions. Then debriefing. They also draw up and commit to an action plan to understanding the customer even better.

The workshop also sharpens the intention of the team for this. Follow up actions on this plan, consolidates the interaction skills, even further.

Big Picture

The focus for 'Interact and Ask' day workshop is 'Head' and 'For customer'. The keyword is Focus Groups.

When to 'Interact and Ask'?

This workshop is useful in any of these situations. - 
  • as a team, you want to understand the customer better. Remember the 7 blind men of Hindustan, who each had a different perception of what an elephant is supposed to be?
  • as a team, you want to ask more questions, interact more vigorously and hold your own with a consistent story, for the customer.
  • you are on the threshold of a knowledge capture event / mission
  • as a team, you want to reinforce the importance of understanding the customer well (and then acting upon it).

Why to 'Interact and Ask' as an explicit team event?

Reaching to customers to understand them, is an unstructured and unfamiliar situation.

The effort is likely to yield best results if - 
  • Team works to a plan. You do not want 2 sets of identical inputs and missing information in another aspect.
  • Team supports each other. For example, working in pairs, one person can focus on the content, while the other focuses on the process (of knowledge capture)
'Interact and Ask', as an explicit event, maps and consolidates your current understanding of the customer across roles and stakeholders.

'Interact and Ask' also readies your team for actual customer interactions with a plan and also with practice for the needed skills.

To 'Interact and Ask' effectively, the team must be able to - 
  • Ask Questions
  • Listen actively
  • Map the incoming inputs  and (based on it) to then focus on critical and missing aspects,
It is not sufficient to be individually skilled in doing this, but also how to do this effectively as a team. In fact, it is easier to do this in pairs, than individually. Especially in the beginning.

'Interact and Ask' readies the team for this also.These can not be done, unless this is a planned explicit event.

What concepts does the team learn for Interactions and Asking Questions?